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Churchyard Working Parties

Next session on Saturday 6th April at both churchyards starting at 9:30am. 

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact the office. 

Everyone welcome.

Thank You

Bike Rack

Thank you to Paul Hounsham for installing bike racks at both churches.

Bike in bike rack
The Bisley one works great!

Hedgerow Planting at Bisley Church, Saturday 18th November 2023

Thanks to everyone who helped to plant the hedgerow on a very soggy day.  It was muddy which meant that some of us had to be pulled out when our boots got stuck in it!  But lots of fun was had and the task was completed quickly so plenty of time for a very welcome hot cuppa and hot cross bun!

Getting instruction on how to plant the hedgerow
Receiving instructions

Getting to work planting the hedgerow  Getting to work planting the hedgerow
Getting down to work planting the hedgerow


HedgerowPlantingVolunteers2 HedgerowPlantingVolunteers3 
Young...and old!

Sally who made this happen

  H edgerowPlantingVolunteers4
Hmm...not sure that it's straight! 

Oh no...we've got one too many!

We had more volunteers than this when we started.  Hope we haven't lost them in the mud.

  420 saplings later...job done!


...and some muddy boots to be cleaned!
Muddy Boots at Hedgerow PlantingMuudy Pair of Boots

Wildlife in our Churchyards

Take time to have a wander around our beautiful Churchyards and see what flowers, birds, butterflies, insects you can spot and let us know what you find.  We'd love to hear from you.  Email your comments to

History of Bisley Churchyard

Click here to read about the history of Bisley Churchyard.