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Children's and Families

Welcome to our Children's and Families page

During the current Covid-19 crisis we will be posting regularly on this page with new craft ideas and other ways to help you and your children continue to enjoy growing together in faith.  If there is anything we can do to help please get in touch - click here to email me.

We are recording some of our "All Age" services ( Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday) and will publish them here so that you can still enjoy these acts of worship with your families whilst social distancing is in place.  We will also be posting Bible Stories read to you by some of our Puppet team.

Sadly we have now had to close the Church building - but remember Church is not the building, you are the Church!!  Together we will get through this (even if we have to be a safe distance apart).  We are thinking of you and praying for you.

We are exploring other things we can do with the Children's and Families ministry during this time so follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay abreast of developments.

Prayer Craft idea :  

 TSP Teaspoons

Wooden Teaspoon a simple way to help us pray saying Thank you, Sorry, Please - Amen!

Spring Messy

I love Spring!!!  It's a time when we can celebrate new life - even during this difficult time - God's wonderful world is continuing to grow all around us and shows us that we have much to be thankful for.  Our Spring Messy crafts are about Praising God, taking a leaf out of the book of Psalms and making a "joyful sound" to thank God for all He has given us.

 Spring Messy Ideas

 The Praise Him! Colouring book is set out so that children can add their own ideas as well as colour in the images printed in the booklet.  It is set out on 3 pages - see the links below.

There is also a Praise Him Colouring Sheet

 Make a Joyful Sound!

 The Musical Instrument crafts are fairly simple to put together - but may take a little patience.  The instructions are all on my "Messy Spring" document!!  (Click here)

 Click on the links below for the colouring pages


 Page 1/3 colouring booklet

 Page 2/3 colouring booklet

 Page 3/3 colouring booklet

 Praise Him colouring sheet


If you are going out for a walk - check out this website - Fireflies and Mud Pies they have a great Nature Scavenger Hunt / Bingo page and also some lovely seasonal craft ideas.

There is a free game available for all mobile devices called Guardians of Ancora.  It takes you on an adventure through Bible stories.  It's 100% free, with NO in app purchases and is Biblically faithful.  It is aimed at 8-11 year olds, and I have to confess is quite good fun!! (yes, I've played it - Bx)

Mothering Sunday:  The all Age Worship talk was recorded in line with social distancing (no one else was in church -  it was really weird! Bx)  and is published below:

The Puppets Discuss Worship from Home:  Gordon and Skip are Isolating together and discuss worshipping from home.