Parish of Bisley and West End

Holy Week and Easter

Easter Sunday - All age worship service

Holy Week

These are the crafts that we had planned for Messy Services during Holy Week:  Click here for instructions.  Our wonderful puppets have recorded the stories that go with these crafts which are posted below each craft! 

There is a Messy Palm Sunday service with some craft ideas AND the Messy Biscuit Recipe - I look forward to seeing pictures of your decorated biscuits!

 Palm Sunday Wreath

 The Widow's Mite bookmark

 Palm Sunday Wreath

 Bookmark Craft for the Widows Mite







 Maundy Thursday - Foot washing

 Good Friday 

 Maundy Thursday feet wash craft

 Good Friday Plate







 The Easter Story

 On the Road to Emmaus

 Easter Story Egg

 Flip flop walk with Jesus craft






 Good Friday - Paradox Service


 Every year we focus on the Cross and what it means for us.

This year is no exception.  I've included a few simple cross 

crafts using, hopefully, things you can find at home!

Click here for pictures and instructions for all the 

"Cross crafts"


 Palm Sunday Messy Service



 It wouldn't be a Messy Service without 

crafts and biscuits, so ....

Below are pictures of the crafts 

AND the Messy Biscuit recipe!



 During the service we are looking at celebrations.  

The picture represents the celebration for the arrival of a

much loved Granny not seen for a few years!

The Fireworks are for  New Year Celebrations (new beginnings)

The Wine glass to to remember the Passover celebrations.

We are celebrating Palm Sunday when Jesus arrived in 

Jerusalem, bringing us a new beginning and freedom from sin.

 Picture of Granny



 Decorated Goblet

 Fireworks picture



 Biscuit recipe:

250g softened butter; 140g caster sugar; 

1 egg yolk; 2tsp vanilla extract; 300g plain flour

Mix together the butter and caster sugar in a large mixing bowl 

(It's best to do this with a wooden spoon) 

Next add the egg yolk and vanilla extract and beat to combine.

Sieve the flour as you  stir it into the mixture until well combined.  

 - you may need to use your hands for this bit!!!

Bake at 180 degrees (fan) for about 20 minutes.

This will make about 30-35 biscuits!!!

Messy Palm Sunday Biscuits