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For our Messy Service this Sunday we are looking at Challenge and Truth with the help of a bit of rubbish!  I hope you liked being "back" in West End church during our talk this week.  I have enjoyed being in Bisley, but West End always feel more like home for our Messy Services.

I've used plastic bottles in most of the crafts this month, along with giving you some ideas for bigger projects using other recycling items.  The hope is that these simple crafts will challenge us to reduce the plastic rubbish we throw away, or to at least reuse or recycle some of that waste.

 This is the PDF of all the craft suggestions, plus a few more !  Click here

Messy Biscuit Recipe! click here

 Hedgehog Planter

 Piggy Bank



 Fox Planter

 All Messy Crafts



JUNE MESSY Service - Trinity Sunday


 All the ideas for Trinity

 I hope our Trinity Sunday ideas will help you think about the wonderful mystery that is 3 person in 1 God.

It is a chance for us to look at what it means to be a Christian, what is at the heart of our belief - God is one God, and God is three persons in an everlasting relationship with one another, a relationship into which we are invited.  God is not one in the same way he is three, or vice-versa.   That’s not confusing right? 

 Using clay to help us exploreThis is air drying clay




 Lolly stick triangle



FIMO clay TrinityThis is FIMO clay 

 And I am looking forward to decorating some Trinity biscuits (the Messy biscuit recipe is downloadable from the link below)!


This Sunday is a 5th Sunday and we were planning some wonderful outdoor church ideas to celebrate Pentecost together.  Sadly we can't do this at present - but the plans for next year will be AWESOME! Instead, I've put together some Pentecost craft ideas - not a flaming headband in sight! - which I hope you will enjoy making.  As always I've included a document with instructions on how to make all the crafts.  There are some kites, which for the pictures I have made using red wool instead of string - I thought it would stand out better, but I wouldn't recommend wool when you are making your kites as it won't be strong enough!

 Download a copy of our Pentecost craft instructions here

This picture shows the prayer dove - it's double sided so when you turn it round it becomes the flames!

 Prayer Doves

 I've also made Kites - 3 different styles

3 Kites for Pentecost

 A flame spinner  with rushing wind noise.Flame  wind spinner

 A picture / collage of the Disciples with flames above their heads

Disciples with flames

- The Lord's my Shepherd

Our Messy Crafts this week link with the Lectionary for the 4th Sunday of Easter and are themed around Psalm 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd.  The Family Worship idea above also follows this theme.  I hope you enjoy making the crafts - please do send me pictures of your creations!  Send to our Children and Families email address (here)

 As always, I've created a document with all the instructions for how to make the crafts.  We made sheep biscuits using the recipe posted during Holy Week (but I've added it below just to make it easier to find!)  Click here for the instructions

 Messy Sheep Biscuits



 Display box picture

 Shepherd Leading Sheep



 Sheep laying in grass

 Psalm 23 bracelet



Spring Messy Craft Ideas

Spring is Awesome!  Every time I look out of the window, or walk through the woods with my dogs, I can see new life.  This new life is something for us to celebrate.  A gift form God, showing us how much he loves us.   I've taken some inspiration from the Psalms for our "Spring Messy Crafts" - I've made some "musical instruments" from fairly basic bits around the house and in my office craft stores so that we can all "make a joyful sound" (Psalm 100) - hopefully you'll find bits to make these too.  In Psalm 148 all things are encouraged to "Praise the name of the Lord", so there is a colouring book for you to complete and join in with these praises.  Please send me some pictures of what you've made.

 These are the instructions for the Spring Messy craft ideas pictured below.

 The colouring book can be downloaded below on 3 pages.

 Tambourine Tambourine

colouring bookColouring book 1

 3 InstrumentsShaker, Maraca,  & Castanet

 Colouring book - Page 1 of 3

Colouring book - Page 2 of 3

Colouring book - Page 3 of 3



Our Pastoral Team regularly visit the care homes in our villages, but due to the current restrictions they are unable to do so at the moment.  If you would like to send a cheerful message to the staff or residents they would be very gratefully received! (click on the names for a link to their websites)

 Elmfield House

 Kingsbury Court

 Gracewell Home

To make room for our new ideas our Holy Week Services and Crafts now have their own page (Just click on the link at the top of this page or here to revisit the ideas)

Prayer Craft idea :  

 TSP Teaspoons

Wooden Teaspoon a simple way to help us pray saying Thank you, Sorry, Please - Amen!